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interview with Mikhail Bukhtoyarov
Philosophy of Mind
lecture on conciousness and the Unbinding Problem
The Unbinding Problem
Lecture on dynamic concepts
On dynamic concepts
Reasoning in conceptual spaces
Reasoning by algorithm
A libertarian account of free will
Libertarian free will
The limits of concepts and consciousness
Conceptual limits
Teaching philosophy / abortion
Teaching philosophy/

AIBO videos

During the early part of my doctoral studies, I did a short-term research assistantship for my doctoral supervisor at the time, Ron Chrisley. It involved programming a Sony AIBO robot to look around at its environment, assembling a model of what the non-conceptual content of conscious visual experience might be like. (Non-conceptual content is cognitive content that fails to meet one or another of the thresholds -- systematicity, productivity, etc. -- to qualify as conceptual content.) I was quite proud that, despite never having programmed in C++ before, I was able to assemble a sophisticated control program. The small circular gaps in the pictures are meant to model the human foveal blind spot. Some of the videos display temporal fading; some show basic change detection (that's the occasional red outline). My thanks to Ron for his help preparing the Synthetic Epistemology video.

25 November 2006
18 March 2007
Through the Eyes of the Robot: Synthetic Epistemology
23 March 2007
23 March 2007

Confs and summer schools

The Future of the Embodied Mind (summer school), San Sebastián, Basque Country; September 2011
photo of Steve Torrance
Steve Torrance
photo of Inman Harvey
Inman Harvey
photo of summer-school participants
photo of Frank Schumann
Frank Schumann
photo of one of the participants
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